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The lure of Lake Hartwell, to both anglers and recreation enthusiasts across the nation, is no surprise to locals who have enjoyed the wide variety of opportunities the lake has offered the area for more than 50 years. One of the jewels of the Southeast, Lake Hartwell’s 56,000 acres of water and 963 miles of shoreline make it a favored spot for recreation. Another 25,000 acres surrounding the lake is devoted to easily accessible recreation facilities.
Fisherman holding a fish on Lake Hartwell in Townville, SC.

After hosting a boatload of professional bass tournaments over the past few years. Lake Hartwell is now widely recognized as one of the top fishing lakes in the country.

Map of Lake Hartwell.

The lake was named in honor of Revolutionary War hero Nancy Hart, for whom Hart County, GA, Hartwell, Ga, and Hartwell Dam were also named.